Custom amount of Goerli ETH

$1 = 4 Goerli ETH

Address QR Code

To purchase instant delivery of Goerli ETH, please transfer any* amount of USDC, USDT or DAI to this address:


This address is the same for all ERC-20 tokens on Polygon, Ethereum, Arbitrum One and Optimism network. Please choose Polygon blockchain to seve on transfer fees!

* The minimum transfer is $1 worth of assets.

You can also transfer to this address one of the following coins:

You can send any amount of a cryptocurrency, but the minimum transfer is $1 worth of assets. For each $1 you will get 4 Goerli ETH. Our code will calculete it accordingly, so don't worry that you send wrong amount, because there is no such thing! :) Simply divide the amount of Goerli ETH you would like to receive by 4 and you will get the $ amount to send. For example, if you need 32 Goerli ETH then send $8 worth of assets, because 32 / 4 = 8. The easiest way is to send 8 USDC, 8 USDT or 8 DAI. 

If you don't want to use stablecoins, then your wallet should help you to calculate the right amount of crypto to send. In case your wallet doesn't provide you such info, then you can use this simple formula to calculate the amount of crypto you need to send:

dollarsToSpend / currentPrice = amountToSend

Where dollarsToSpend is the $ amount you would like to purchase Goerli ETH for. To get the currentPrice of a crypto you would like to send, please click on a crypto logo above. You will be directed to Chainlink Data Feeds. We use Chainlink data for our calculations.
This doesn't apply to USDC, USDT and DAI as we always value them as $1, so if you'd like to send $8 in stablecoins then, as mentioned before, simply send 8 USDC, 8 USDT or 8 DAI.  

Goerli ETH will be sent automatically to an address you made a transfer from, so please make sure you control this address. Don't send crypto from an exchange!

A sample calculation in MataMask wallet of $250 worth of MATIC.
See how low the fees are in the Polygon network!